Creative Design

Feasability Study

It is not always a simple task to determine the best scheme for a project or whether a development offers the required ROI (return on investment). In order resolve these factors it is wise to undertake an in depth preliminary investigation.

A feasability study provides an examination of what development opportunities can be undertaken and looks at different schemes in order to determine the most appropriate usage and arrangement.

Architectural Design

We can offer bespoke architectural design services, providing a clear design scheme for your project. All our architectural design is carefully considered through the site context, budget and client requirements. We do not have a set style of architecture, which means we are well postioned to provide a contemporary design solution for both modern and historic stylings.

We can also draw up old drawings produced by hand using our computer software (AutoCAD) so you can have an update to copy for your records and future use. Please contact us directly for a competitive quotation for this service.

Interior Space Planning

Internal arrangement of space requires advertent planning. How one space relates to another and works to connect different building functions is an important aspect of design. With a well-designed interior, the management of space allows improved sense of flow throughout the building. We can aid with redevelopment of a home, business or public space to improve the overall functionality and feel of the building.